Building New Living Spaces

Be assured that when building an addition to your home, our planning and construction is done correctly and follow the appropriate city codes.  Building an addition takes careful planning to alleviate any rejections from the city. With our experience, time will not be wasted trying to get the proper permits to begin your project. In all cases, an addition should never be built without getting the appropriate permit. Without the proper permits, the city can force a homeowner to tear down a new constructed addition.

At JGR, not only do we follow city guidelines but we also build accordingly to the current home design. An addition needs to look as if it was part of the original construction. Our design team will make your new addition look like original construction with modern day features.

When thinking of and addition, keep in mind there are multiple options. Some options would include the standard addition attached to your home, “building out” which is separate from your home, or “bulding up” to save yard space. Contact our design team and we can discuss the options for your property.